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Goodbye Parallels!

I used to use Parallels 3.0 for creating virtual machines on my Mac. It worked pretty well when I needed to boot up Windows XP to test site compatibility with Internet Explorer. I never bothered to upgrade to 4.0, even when I couldn’t create a VM for Ubuntu 9.04 using 3.0. After becoming frustrated with [...]

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Engine Yard Roadshow

I attended the Engine Yard Performance in the Cloud Roadshow in Boston this week.  Second Rotation used to host the Gazelle website at Engine Yard for several years but we ended up moving to Amazon EC2 with Rightscale so we could take advantage of dynamically scaling the site as traffic patterns changed.  On EC2, when [...]

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Welcome to the new Bitwelder Website!  The old site hadn’t been updated in several years so I figured it’s time for a refresh.  I’ll be updating when I get chance on the latest tech, software, and music that is rocking my world.

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